Drones & UAV Conference 2022 Programme


Wednesday 03 August 2022

Opening Remarks

KEYNOTE: Getting that reg up: drone regulations and their impact on the operations of unmanned aerial systems 

  • Understanding drone laws from the regulator’s point of view
  • The areas of cooperation between regulators and the drone industry
  • Navigating drone regulations between privacy, security and safety
  • Building autonomous systems that meet legal requirements
  • Regulatory considerations for improved system safety and performance
  • Drone safety as a journey, not a destination

Mid-morning Break

KEYNOTE: Drone training and its importance 

  • Going beyond just pilot training – drone skills as a competence for industry professionals
  • Drone Training – A case study of Precision Aerial Drone Training

Drone and robotics technology – inspiring entrepreneurship, innovation and locally-led problems solving among young people in the Global South 

  • The many problems that drone and robotics technology can solve
  • Helping young people in the Global South start up on the robotics journey
  • The Flying Labs network and its impact on creating a robotics culture in the Global South



Mining, Construction and Energy Cluster

 Mining and aggregates 

  • Drone technology needs and opportunities specific to the unique environments and situations of the mining industry, including GPS-denied, confined, and underground.
  • Drones fulfilling the need for real-time volumetric updates
  • Making dangerous mining tasks safer
  • On-site safety management
  • Structural cohesion maintenance
  • Time saving process of surveying and mapping
  • Monitoring and inspection
  • Stockpile management

Drones in energy and utilities infrastructure 

  • Creating efficiencies in the energy through drone use
  • Solar cleaning and monitoring
  • Powerline and cell tower inspection

Survey and Mapping Cluster

Creating detailed digital maps using drone technology

  • How to map a whole country using drones
  • Drone mapping, drones, Artificial Intelligence, big data and image processing software
  • Choosing the right drones and right payloads for large scale mapping projects
  • Creating digital twins

Latest in aerial surveys using drone technology Photogrammetric survey with UAS: project planning and flight operations

  • Augmenting traditional field surveys and engineering practices with drone technology
  • Flight plans and choosing the right equipment to ensure accurate products for their application.
  • Emerging principles in mapping with digital aerial camera technology
  • Identifying the key differences between photogrammetric surveys and aerial reality capture
  • Flight pattern selection – finding the best paths for your chosen drone
  • The best hardware choices to achieve desired results
  • Survey and mapping drones, data collection and related software
  • Collecting data: Lidar vs photogrammetry
  • Data processing software
  • Choosing the right payload for the right job

Emergency Response and Public Safety Cluster

Public Safety drone operations and tactics 

  • Fire fighting
  • Emergency response
  • Disaster response
  • Search and rescue
  • Grants and budgeting
  • Training and standardisation
  • Fleet composition and diversification
  • Coordinating mutual assistance
  • Working with the regulatory authority during emergency

Drones as first responders 

  • Offering aerial perspective and other advantages during emergency first response
  • The rise of telehealth drone technology in responding to medical emergencies
  • Software and hardware payloads to help drone as first responders
  • Building the foundation for successful first response drone programs
  • Strategies by emergency safety agencies to ensure the success of their UAS operations
  • The best public safety cases for autonomous drones as first responders

Drones and environmental conservation 

  • Protecting wildlife and curbing poaching in game parks
  • Using drone technology to protect wetlands and historical sites

Panel Session: Starting a Drone Business

Closing Remarks; End of Day 1

Thursday 04 August 2022

Opening Remarks

KEYNOTE: Mapping the market curve of commercial drone adoption today and tomorrow 

  • What it means to unlock the value of drone technology on the African economy
  • Working towards the attainment of the drone economy as a mainstream reality
  • The next boom in enterprise drone use
  • The prospects of drone use in public service industries
  • Cross-pollination: applying lessons learned from drone use across market sectors
  • How to apply best practices from market sectors outside your own and how integrating lessons learned across disciplines will inform drone use in the future.

Midmorning Break

Building trusted and safe software and AI for autonomous aerial systems 

  • Elements for building drone software AI that is trusted by users, system owners, and the public
  • Technology components that address key trust requirements (accuracy, security, resilience, assurance, adaptation)
  • Addressing the question of drone data storage
  • Overcoming the challenges of privacy
  • Ethical use of unmanned aerial systems
  • Holistic approaches to securing a safe autonomous world

Panel Discussion: The future of Commercial Drones in Africa

  • Market growth opportunities: The next niche market for drone technology
  • UAM/UTM and drone integration in urban airspaces
  • The value of the drone industry to an economy
  • The impact of STEM education in inspiring future drone professionals
  • Drone Accessories: Data collection and processing tools
  • The future of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the drone industry
  • Operating beyond the visual line of sight flights (BVLOS)



Medical and Package Delivery Drones Cluster

Drone technology and medical delivery

  • Latest trends in medical drone technology
  • Telehealth drones and healthcare delivery
  • How medical drone deliveries create value for the healthcare industry
  • Medical drones, BVLOS flights and what we need to know

Urban Air Mobility (UAM): Integrating drones into urban air spaces

  • Navigating the integration of drone technology in urban air spaces
  • Preparing the skies for future urban flight
  • Unmanned Traffic Management software
  • The types or unmanned aircraft in UAM
  • UAM and public acceptance (safety, sustainability, noise, security, and social equity)
  • Realizing the potential of UAM for cities and regions

Agriculture Cluster

Agricultural Drones 

  • The various drones in agriculture and their applications
  • The best ways in which the agriculture industry can utilize drone data
  • The latest approaches and metrics for how drones are saving time and money in forestry, agriculture and ranching
  • Drone applications related to the counting of trees and livestock
  • Assessing different types of stand damage to map harvest units
  • Remote sensing drones in agriculture
  • What next can drones do for agriculture?
  • The best accessories to work with drone technology in agriculture
  • The sustainability benefits of drones and uncrewed systems

Crop Spraying Drones 

  • The benefits of using crop-spraying drones and related technology
  • The place of crop spraying drones in precision agriculture
  • Use cases for crop spraying – A case study of the DJI Agras T30 Drone

Security and Law Enforcement Cluster

Drone technology and its application to the security industry

Overview of the security status quo in Zimbabwe

  • The benefits of drone technology in enhancing security
  • Extent of drone deployments in the security industry today
  • Challenges and opportunities of drones in the security industry
  • Where do opportunities lie in security drone applications?

Drone technology in law enforcement 

  • The various applications of drones in policing operations
  • Crime Scene Investigation and forensic mapping with UAS
  • Law enforcement UAS operations in major cities
  • Winning public hearts and minds to support law enforcement drone operations
  • Crowd control and working with drones in crowded areas
  • Search and rescue, surveillance and controlling borders and key points
  • Anti-drone operations to combat unauthorized drone flights

Closing Remarks

End of Proceedings